Top four Analytics metrics to measure for ROI

Analytics metricsAnalytics is one major concept’s to SEO and for your marketing ROI. Most of the people are always focusing on improving their SEO performance consistently. You may be knowing how to track the success of websites, Social Media, Landing pages, etc, but do you know which metrics to identify and how you can improve your ROI using the following metrics. Anyway, here in this post you will learn what are the four most important analytics metrics that you can measure your ROI.

Keywords Performance and its Ranking: This is the thumb rule and very important metrics to be focused on analytics. You may be working hard to improve your ranking performance, but the most important metrics is to focus on keywords that are performing best, Generating leads and Traffic. Few best tools to track your keywords ranking and performance which is advised by industry experts are SEOmoz, Hubspot and SEObook.

Organic Search Traffic: Monitor the total number of unique visitors that arrive from the SERP by weekly & Daily basis, these habits will help you identify your weak pages, and you will develop your own SEO strategy to stay ahead from your competitors.

Conversion Rate from Organic Search: If you’re generating high quality traffic from search engine, that doesn’t mean that you are generating quality lead from your website. To drive quality lead from your website, this analytics metrics will help you identify the pages that are driving most qualified leads and try to improve other web pages on your site.

Unique Search Term that Driving traffic: Identifying the complete list of search phrases that visitors are using to find your site, and how much organic traffic those terms drive.

Takeaway: Continuously doing analysis of your website, using four above metrics will not only help you to outrank your competitors, but also benefit for your lead generation campaign.

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