Timeline As A Blessing For Stalker

facebook timelineWho is not aware of Facebook? All the population of progressed countries and major proportion of under developed owns an account on Facebook. It’s free, it’s always available and it’s the best way to socialize with your surroundings and your global friends. It’s even a better place to expand your P.R as much as you can. Facebook is the biggest ever social network site owned by Facebook Inc. and founded by mark Zuckerberg in 2004. This is the weirdest milestone in history, which converted a site to get an importance of relaxation and hobby for the users. You deny it or not, your profile is a part of you. It’s all you in the web 2.0 world. It is the place where you describe yourself, discuss yourself, share your thoughts, and talk openly with your friends and put on hundreds of pictures of any event or only you posing. It’s all about you.


Timeline started in December 2011.Introduction of timeline needs no explanation, as it’s the new setting of Facebook profile, And during 2012, nearly all the accounts on Facebook have changed to timeline excluding those old schools who stick to the past format. Though timeline is more attractive and highlights maximum activity of your account from recent past as one scroll down. One important addition is the cover photo which is like your profile’s welcome note or identity card in another sense. One other important feature is to hide stuff from your profile as nobody will see it except you, instead of deleting it. The timeline view overall is easy to explore.

Unsecure features:

Everything has its own pros and cons. Although timeline provides an easy view of others account, but the new settings are difficult to use as well. The major problem is the disturbance of the privacy settings. All new uploaded pictures and their comments can be seen by everyone unless you’re not aware of that. And to correct these settings is not easily understandable. Plus the cover photos can be viewed by everyone including their likes and comments. To handle the privacy of posts, information and liked pages has also gone difficult. There is a new feature of subscribing. The subscribers get all your updates.


Facebook is also turning a blessed site for stalkers. These are the people who want to keep their self-updated with what’s going on in others life as well as copying others pictures. These people stalk to the earliest of statuses of their interested accounts to portray the personality of others. This is the common type of stalking of crushes by teens. Other horrible type of social media stalking is copying and distorting the pictures and then blackmailing the related one or even putting the pictures on hideous websites for fun and revenge.

Stalkers obsession Timeline:

Timeline settings have turned out to be the optimum advantage for stalkers. As the biggest blessings are the cover photos. The 0% privacy on cover photos makes them public to everyone and they can be copied. The other great blessing is the subscription feature, which enable the stalker to get each and every update without even getting his name public. The difficult understandability of the privacy settings of timeline enables the stalkers to view most of the pictures, as well as easily view the earlier activities since the beginning of the account with the help of the tabs at the side of the timeline. One other featured advantage for the stalkers is the unsecure newly updated profile pictures. Where they not only copy the pictures but also learn about all the comments and likes. Thus overall timeline proved to turn Facebook hours into less socializing and more into peeking into others’ lives.

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