5 Reasons why your website should use HTML5

5 Reasons why your website should use HTML5HTML 5 is reaching the top and many Web Development Company have started working on it and more over designer and developer have started their work to gain confidence. HTML 5 is one of the best technologies used at a greater level. Google have started using HTML 5 for their brilliant Apps and many of them are unaware I guess.

Here are Few Videos that specify why you must use HTML5 for Your Business.

View what Google developers says about HTML5

View what Steve Jobs has to say about HTML 5

Learn About HTML5 and the Future of the Web

Google’s HTML 5 Work: What’s Next?

HTML5 & What’s Next

Now, why HTML 5 is the best technology for Designing and Development:

1. HTML 5 is more exiting and Designers can develop interactive website and literally they love to do it. Designer get more exposures while working on HTML 5 and they believe me the site will always look better.

2. As you Google has already started working on HTML 5 and they have created some awesome apps in HTML 5 and they are lucrative. More over many of them use it on daily basis. Google will be stop using Flash and instead they will using HTML 5 for report generation and other stuff but only the concern is you should have HTML5 Compatible browser- correct me if I am wrong.

3. There are  many new different tags that are introduced in HTML 5. They are really helpful and you don’t have to code more for that. It literally helps in managing data, drawing, video and audio. This technology is the breath taking phenomena and in future it will rule the web world.

4. Now designing a HTML 5 website is a tedious job but they are interesting at many level. You get to know about more things in HTML 5 technology. HTML 5 website is fast, effective and visitors loves to visit because it will be Userfrindly & interactive website.

5. You can create cross-browser applications for the Web and portable devices like Smart Phones, Tablets, iPhone and iPad. HTML 5 offers enhanced forms with improvements to text inputs, search boxes and other fields and provides better controls for validating data, focusing, interaction with other page elements on the page and various other improvements.

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