Here’s the Quickest and easiest Way to get found on Search Engine.

tasksGetting found on search engines is cost effective Internet Marketing tactics for your business. You may be here because you may have heard about SEO or Trying out some easy and quick tactics that will rock your business website to the top of the SERP. Here, I am going to show you about some easiest Search Optimization techniques I used to optimize on a daily basis, and it works.

Here is little easiest and quickest way to SEO for your Business website

1)  Create Remarkable and Valuable Content for Readers, not for search engine. Developing a content strategy may be difficult task, but there are some tools I am being using since when I heard about this and this builds my content development very easy, user and search engine friendly. Few Tools are:

  • Inbound Writer: Gives you real time Search and Social Analytics data that works like a Golden charm for me. It helps me to identify the words I missed up that people used to type on social network website and search.
  • Scribe: This tool will provides you to optimize your content much faster; choose great long tail keywords while producing content on your document and preserve reader’s engagement to build natural links to your site.

2)  Keyword Research which is the ground floor to get found on search. This is to be done very wisely, while doing keyword research for your business website think about more generic keywords that user will search .First write down the words as much as possible that is relevant to your webpage, then use the Keywords Research Tools. For ExampleGoogle Keyword Tool.

3)  Optimize the top SEO Element of your web page with my few easy to follow steps:-

  • Major Keywords in Page Title
  • Try to integrate keywords in page URL.
  • Try to integrate keywords in H1 Tag of your web page naturally
  • Optimize your most prominent images that on your website with Alt text, so that search can easily read the image that what is your image is all about?
  • Integrate Keywords in your Meta Description and Keywords Tags.
  • Try to incorporate keywords in to page content naturally.
  • Create internal links from one page to another. This help user and search engine to find what your web page is talking about.

4) Now your most important part to get found over search engine is off page Optimization. Try to get natural Inbound Links to your website. Here is very few quick easy tools and tips I used to Build natural inbound links to my website.

  • Try to target your competitor’s website links to; you can do this by Competitor link Analysis using one of my favorite toolOpensiteexplorer.
  • Submit your website to relevant directories.
  • Do your neighbor have website that is similar to your site. Ask them to link your website to their website.

Marketing Takeaways: Don’t focus only on search engine, instead of doing this try to make your website feel good to user. This will lead your website to get found on search.

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