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Swarajshop Global Pvt. Ltd’s main aim is to become the leading Online Handicrafts Company by creating an Indian global brand allowing designers, artisans and small businesses to connect with customers and bring products that enhance one’s life. This simply means having in place unique and efficient online marketing facilities, strategies and the appropriate human resources. Having this as the company’s main target, Swarajshop Global Pvt. Ltd is investing in numerous ways that will make the company stand out among other Online Handicrafts companies in India and the world at large.

About this project


  • Create an intuitive online presence that is aligned with their brand and company culture
  • Build a user experience and content strategy that would allow for visual storytelling
  • Design an easy way for users to plan their visit to the market and find vendors on location
  • Provide greater device accessibility through Responsive Web Design
  • Improve organic SEO search results and boost overall conversion


  • Custom Web Design
  • Future-Friendly Web Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • UX Design & Content Strategyv
  • WordPress CMS Development
  • Search Engine Optimization