Using Online Platforms To Promote Your Jewelry Business

New online platforms offer the ideal solution for small jewelers to promote themselves. I think nowadays, we take for granted many of the advantages that the internet provides us. Before the online revolution, it was virtually impossible for beginners to sell their goods without opening their own stores, something almost impossible for most beginners, or having to pay large commissions for stores to showcase their jewelry.

In came online e-commerce platforms and all of that changed forever. Now, you can open your own online store, present your jewelry and collect funds with an ease that would have astonished jewelry makers fifteen or twenty years ago.

But with the advantages came a much more competitive market. Unless you know how to price and showcase your products properly and provide top notch customer service, your chances of experiencing success will be slim.

Let’s take a look at some of the steps that you will need to take in order to successfully promote your jewelry business in various online platforms.

Opening your own Site versus Opening Store Pages in Established Websites

The most tempting thing for an aspiring jewelry designer is to open his own personal webpage. Opening your own webpage does not guarantee that it will be seen in search engine results. You need to realize that the online jewelry market is extremely competitive and the first page results will be filled with the websites of large companies that have the means to invest in professional internet marketing. My advice would be to wait with opening your own website and using established websites which give you the option of opening a store page.

Opening your Store Pages in Well Knows E-Commerce Websites

Although the actual procedure may vary, most e-commerce websites, such as EBay will make it very simple for you to open your own store page. The step by step procedure will require you to verify personal and financial information. Use only established, brand name websites, as the personal information that you will provide will be safe with them. Opening your own store page will allow you to do several things.

  • You will be able to create product descriptions and upload product photos
  • You will be able to collect funds via trusted and well knows services such as PayPal
  • You will be able to communicate with customers and use the website moderators if needs be
  • You will be able to receive positive ratings from customers, something which will assist you in building your reputation and boosting your sales

The larger websites such as Etsy and EBay, have a lot of web presence and this means that you will have much more of a chance that your designs will be seen by the general public.

When you use your product title and descriptions properly, you will improve your chances of getting noticed so invest some time and thought in writing them.

Last, but not least, do your utmost best to get as many five stat reviews as possible from your customers. This will increase your chances of doing well, as people will trust a well reviewed seller and feel safer to purchase their jewelry from him.

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