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Mobile checkout is getting popular among business owners and consumers alike. A lot of popular brands are already offering mobile checkout. Take note of the words “popular brands”. They are at the forefront of this innovation because they can afford it. So what about small businesses that don’t have the budget to go all out on a mobile checkout system? Here are a few key things that you must know before you decide on mobile checkout.

Be prepared for the cost

There is definitely going to be some investment on your part. But don’t worry as developers are making it easier on your pocket. There are devices that are available now that transforms your phone or your tablet into a checkout device. These devices don’t cost a lot of money but you will incur some costs for each transaction placed through the device. Some devices cost free for the first one and then you have to pay for additional ones.  You must also be prepared for the marketing costs of this project.

Sit down with your provider and ask about their fee structure. Make sure that you understand each and every step. Ask them to explain things further if they confuse you. Be wary of terms and ask for a definition or explanation of these. Ask how their system will work with your other merchant accounts.


As mentioned above, you can already use your smartphone or your tablet as a checkout device. Look for POS solutions that can work with your mobile operating system. There are several available in the market today and if you are using an Apple device, you are most likely to find one.


Fraud is the number one issue when it comes to checking out whether via eCommerce or mCommerce. Make sure that your supplier is PCI compliant. Intuit provides PCI compliant card readers. Make sure that your supplier’s data encryption is robust so your files and your clients’ information will be safe.


There’s no use of going mobile if you can’t integrate your new platform with your current systems. Your mobile programs need to work flawlessly with your other programs and devices. If you need to do double entries, you are wasting a lot of time and upping your chances for errors. By using a platform that can work harmoniously with your present systems, you can be sure to have accurate reports at the end of the day. You won’t have any problems come tax season. Avoid manual updates and manual work because why else should you automate your system if you just want to do everything manually?

At the end of the day, mobile commerce should just be an extension of what you have right now. mCommerce does not mean that you have to migrate everything into this platform. Technology has given you tools to run with the big boys in the industry. Make sure to do some research, set aside a realistic budget, take things slow and you are sure to do it right.

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