Freelance writing is an easy way to turn your time into cash


Freelance writers are people who do online writing for anyone who wants to use their services. They write a variety of documents such as articles, blog posts, essays and product descriptions. Some freelancers are hired to write emails, letters and  even Facebook statuses and Tweets! So the idea is as long as it pays they will write anything the buyer asks for. Because there are so many freelancers around on the internet, you never know if what you’re reading is a freelancer’s work.

How freelancer writers find work

Freelancers get the majority of their work from website owners wanting content, business owners needing reviews; blog posts, relevant tweets and Product sellers who want to have unique descriptions written for their items. These are just a few of the types of people who use freelancers work, in reality, anyone can use a freelance writer for just about anything you want. Even homework!

Building sturdy partnerships are essential, if you have the same customers coming back you know you must be doing something right. When building partnerships communication and deadlines are essential to keep. Offer re-writes for documents you write when starting partnerships as this will allow them to give you a second chance if the standard is not quite what they were expecting.

Rates of Pay

Freelance writers can charge whatever they like for the documents that they do. It’s easier to start off small before you work upwards and expand your portfolio. You can gradually build up your hourly rate to an average £100 an hour depending on your charges and how long you want to work for. Some freelancer writers can earn up to £2500 a month giving you an annual £30,000+ a year.

Job Flexibility

The good thing about going into freelance writing is that you get to choose how much you do and exactly what you do, so for example, if you weren’t a big fan of writing letters then you don’t have to do them. You don’t have to invest any money when getting just advertise your services and put it out that you’re a freelance writer. That way people will start coming to you to try your services. It will start slow at first but building your portfolio up will encourage more and more people to go with your services over everyone else.

Types of writer

There are three different types of freelance writers Those who go for bulk work at a low cost, these types of writers tend to do a quick but poor job although can be very cheap. Those who provide extremely high quality and well researched content at a premium price, these are the experts of their industry becoming widely known and referenced to. And finally, somewhere between these two styles, offering content that has been researched, but may lack in style, length or substance often beginners will start at this stage and fall either way.

Note that you will never earn millions overnight but you will gradually earn a good amount of money. You need to expand and grow before earning the average rates for freelance writers. It is not a temporary thing to get into it is time consuming and can be tiring work.

Pro’s of freelance writing

  • Flexible hours, allowing you to work whenever you want.
  • Flexible tasks, choosing what you want to do.
  • Growing work reputation via portfolios.
  • Rewarding.
  • Growing rates with chances of charging up to £40 per hour.
  • Partnerships form creating friendships and pleasantries.
  • Enjoyable.
  • Chances of having new experiences and learning new things.

Con’s of freelance writing

  • Can be tiring making you create silly mistakes.
  • The sense of deflation when a customer falls through.
  • Long hours of research.

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