Facebook Vs Pinterest: 5 Things We’ve Learned – [Infographic]

There are many brands out there that could be making a much better use of social media and although use of the multitude of platforms on offer has been proven to be a benefit by all companies using them there are still some organisations that are a little apprehensive.

Bottica.com are not one of those brands, their customer base is global and using a deep understanding of their target audience the brand have managed to create an impressive following using social media.

With the mounting data available that comes with an elevated social following, Boticca decided to carry out a study to prove not only does the corporate use of social media work but which platforms have worked best for them in which areas of marketing.

The study would comprise of a sample of 50,000 visitors to two of their most prominent channels Pinterest and Facebook. A month was given as a test time scale.

Some really interesting insights were revealed and their retro chic infographic gives all the information gathered in an illustrative format

  • The users of Pinterest would spend more money on the average sale
  • More sales are driven through the use of Pinterest
  • More new users of the brand can be acquired through the use of Pinterest
  • A brand can gain more engagement with customers through Facebook
  • Conversion rates are not as potent through the use of Pinterest

This infographic was researched, compiled and brought to you by Boticca.com

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Facebook Vs Pinterest

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