Why Facebook Graph Search Will IncreaseThe Importance Of Like & Share Buttons

Facebook created a significant stir in the digital marketing world when it announced it would be introducing an advanced search function to the social network. Whilst not entirely unexpected by many observers, few people knew how a search product in Facebook would operate, but far more is now known following the announcement.

Named ‘Graph Search’, Facebook’s search offering will almost certainly add another dimension to the standard SEO practice. Whilst on one hand Graph Search presents an opportunity for optimising Facebook brand pages, it’s also important for webmasters to ensure that website pages are suitably optimised for Graph Search. Since Facebook has collaborated with Bing so that its own searches are reinforced by Bing’s results, this is likely to bring an increased emphasis on social search engine ranking signals.

Whilst initial screenshots of Bing results within Graph Search indicate that results will be primarily derived from Bing.com results, it looks likely to have a social media element included –such as displaying Like and Share metrics alongside each result.











Since it has the potential to be viewed as a ranking factor and could improve the rankings of those pages in Graph Search, the onus is placed on brand webmasters to incorporate Facebook Like and Share buttons onto more pages across their respective websites.

Adding the widgets is only one part of it – webmasters should encourage the use of the buttons to maximise their benefit. This will assist the website in terms of visibility through sharing, and also Facebook through increased user activity.

It remains to be seen how Facebook users adopt Graph Search, but broadly speaking it could become a significant source of web traffic. As such, it’s important that brands stay on top of developments in Graph Search, and perhaps consider engaging asocial media or SEO agency specialising in social search to ensure they make the most of this great opportunity ahead of competing brands and websites.

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