How To Customize Your Law Firm’s Facebook Marketing

She Like it!Social media is an unavoidable part of any law firm’s marketing campaign. Whether you like it or not, Facebook has become one of the most powerful communication tools that can bring lawyers and clients closer together. Those likes, shares, and insights actually mean something…and they could mean big things to your law firm.

Since Facebook has become so integral to marketing, there is plenty of information, research, and statistics out there that will tell you how to reach your clients as efficiently and effectively as possible. And while these numbers might be cold hard facts, they don’t speak to your clients, your specific set of clients that patronize your specific business. Certainly, the social media research that’s been done is a great foundation for any marketing plan. But the success of social media marketing actually lies in customization. Here are a few tips to help your tailor your Facebook marketing to your clients and your business.

Realize There’s No Perfect Time

When you start research social media strategies, one of the first tips you’ll find is when the best time to post to Facebook is. This can be a helpful piece of advice because it can mean you would reach the most people as possible with the news that matters most. But how many different times can you find? If different sources have found different times are better for posting information to Facebook, how can you trust any of these sources?

The truth is that there is no perfect time. In other words, 3pm eastern time on a Wednesday is not going to the absolute best time for every company in the entire world. There’s just no way that one time is perfect for everybody. Therefore, you should take it upon yourself to find the perfect time for reaching your clients. Start by posting content at different times on different days. You might find that Thursday mornings or Monday evenings are when your customers are most responsive. You might also find that 3pm on Wednesdays are the worst times to reach your clients. And once you find which times work and don’t work, keep testing it every so often. Finding the right time for your clients is all about experimentation.

Crowdsource Your Next Idea

Crowdsourcing has been sweeping the marketing world and now it’s time to leverage its advantages for your business. Crowdsourcing is what happens when you leave your next idea, your next campaign, or your next advertising concept up to the masses. You ask for their help, they send in their responses. It works because you’re getting ideas from the very people you hope to affect with that marketing. Not only are you asking your clients to participate in developing your business, but you’re asking them how you can develop your business to suit their needs. They will feel involved, obligated, and inspired.

Pay Attention To Insights

Facebook Insights might look like a bunch of numbers and charts that are only portraying abstract concepts, but with a little concentration you can actually get quite a bit of information out of them. Start by paying attention to the amount of views your posts get both through organic and viral factors. Low organic ratings mean that users aren’t seeing enough of your firm’s Facebook page in their newsfeeds, tickers, nor are they visiting your page directly. Increase organic ratings by posting at appropriate times and creating content that is worthy of a like or a share. Through this, you should see your organic and viral factors increase.

Use A Genuine Voice

A voice can be the overarching element of your entire marketing campaign that ties everything in together. You can carry a voice through blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, and even email newsletters. A consistent voice will help your clients feel more confidence in your interactions with them, as you are staying true to your law firm’s identity and core values.

If you want to cater your Facebook marketing to your clients, find a voice that speaks to them. Your audience might appreciate an authoritative voice, especially if your law firm does a lot of B2B work. On the other hand, if your clients are primarily a younger demographic, they might respond to a lighthearted and humorous voice more easily.

You can start to generate a voice for your Facebook posts through monitoring how your clients and Facebook fans interact with your firm online. Are they being humorous? Are they being professional? Usually, your clients will be a great indication of what kind of voice they’re looking for. You can then tweak this voice to represent your brand, resulting in a genuine, client-focused voice that can speak directly to them.

There’s no reason for your law firm to avoid Facebook marketing anymore. Moreover, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be catering your marketing to your clients and your business. The research you might find on the best times to post to your Facebook page or the best content to inspire likes and shares is helpful, but you can only find the right marketing plan for your business through experimenting and asking your followers to assist you. With a custom marketing plan, you’ll have a Facebook page that not only appeals to followers but inspires business and lifelong clients, as well.

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