Cool Contests You Could Rock on Facebook to Increase Fan Engagement

 Facebook to Increase Fan EngagementFacebook is the force to be reckoned with when it comes to social network marketing. In fact, most businesses today maintain their own Facebook pages to make it easier to get in touch with their existing customers, build brand awareness among potential clients, and more importantly to boost their online presence.

While there are many tools and techniques available to maximize the marketing potentials of Facebook, perhaps one of the best ways for businesses to grab the attention of potential clients, increase their fan engagement and build an email list is by running a contest.

Everybody wants to win. Who doesn’t right? As such, if you own a business and you would want to spread the word about your brand, why not capitalize on this desire, by having a contest of your own on your Facebook page. It’s a great way to build buzz around the product or services you are trying to market, and it is also a great means to reward those who patronize your brand. Not sure what type of contest to facilitate on your business’s Facebook Page? Below are some contests ideas that you might find to your liking.

Photo contest. With the wide adoption of smartphones and tablet devices along with numerous photo applications available, capturing memorable moments is now easier for people on the go. Taking this into consideration, a photo contest is one of the best competitions your business can facilitate on Facebook. Numerous companies have already leveraged on using photo contests to amass more fans on their pages and you can also get the same response for your business.

A great example of a photo contest on Facebook was that of Maybelline New York’s 2011 campaign for their Super Stay24h lipstick in Switzerland. The company asked their fans to post a photo of themselves wearing a red lipstick; hence the contest name “Show Us Your Lips.” The company offered the winner a chance to become the face of the product in Maybelline’s Switzerland fan page. In just three weeks, the promo managed to receive 183 responses and more than 9,000 voters, thereby increasing their Facebook fans. Prior to the contest, the page only had 3,000 fans, which eventually jumped to more than 13,000 after the contest was launched.

Question and Answer. This is probably the most straightforward contest you can run on Facebook. All you have to do is post a question and pick winners based on the fastest time. However, if several answers came at the same time, you can opt to choose the winners via a sweepstakes. Questions will depend on your preference, but it pays to be creative to make the contest all the more interesting.

This may not be the most innovative contest you can do, but if you carry it out frequently, it will help ensure that your fans and other potential customers will drop by at your Facebook account regularly to check for questions.

Play the guessing game. This is pretty much the same as the Q&A contest with a twist, though. In this kind of contest, you do not have to directly ask questions to fans, instead you can do riddles, word jumbles, name the movie or artist, etc. Guessing games is a great way to engage your fans and to pique their interest.

Like to Win. Some companies managed to increase their Facebook fans by asking users to like their page to be included in a contest. Often, winners are randomly drawn by page administrators. You must be careful when doing this, however, to ensure that you are not violating any of Facebook’s rules.

As you can see, Facebook is a great platform where you can easily set up contests. When doing so, however, make sure that you adhere to the social networking site’s set guidelines regarding promotions – often the use of third-party applications – to avoid the risk of your page from being disabled. It is also vital that you have everything prepared and have clear boundaries for your contests to ensure that you will not encounter any problems later on.

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