There is No Achievement without Goals

achievementIn the last decade, marketing has changed more than in the previous two millennia. There is no longer a mystery attached to marketing budgets that allowed the mainstream press to get rich from for far too long. We were quoted circulation figures, readership figures and many other statistics that would help us run an advertising campaign in a certain media. All we really wanted to know was how much each piece of business was going to cost us. If we won new business without it costing more to secure than we would make, we were in profit. If we spent more than we made then we run at a loss. Only recently, have we been able to monitor everything down the last penny spent on marketing. This is what allows us to tweak and tweak until we can maximise profits.

Streamline Racing Horses Win Races

Competition has never been so hard to beat as today because innovation is constantly improving the way we work. To remain competitive, we need to embrace innovation and use it to streamline our business. Until recently, many companies in Japan would employ a person for life. That meant they would never need to find another job for as long as they could work. That principle is completely unworkable in today’s society as more and more countries compete for export markets and offer cheap labour. To remain competitive, Japan had to change the way of life that had existed for generations. In the UK today, we face competition from all over the world as trade barriers fall and open markets flourish. To remain competitive, we need to make sure all our resources are operating at maximum efficiency.

CRM Software Speeding the Processes in Workplaces

Dedicating certain staff members to handle certain customer accounts is a proven way of developing a relationship with clients. This works fine for high value accounts, but you cannot expect a company that ships to hundreds or thousands of customers to have staff that can remember the intricacies of each case. The only way to handle this many customers is to show that your company has the foresight to make every relevant piece of data available to whoever is dealing with that customer. There is nothing more annoying for a customer than a person on the other end of a phone or email who has no idea about their position.

Marketing to your Strengths

When customer data is collated and used for marketing, it can stop companies wasting huge budgets on marketing that is not measurable. This means a return on investment can be seen or not seen and tweaked without calling in outside help or throwing marketing budgets at problems. Companies like Facebook, Google and many other providers of free services, do so because they understand the value of free data. This data is marketing gold and this is why internet advertising is the fastest growing area of media marketing. If your business has its own data stores, then the expenditure on marketing will be reduced, because you no longer need to pay others for that data. You can also test small portions of data to see what returns are generated in order to perfect campaigns before they are released to all of your potential customers.

The Most Valuable Asset

The staff of a company has long been regarded as a business’ most important asset. When we use customer relationship management (CRM) software that does the job of a hundred or more staff, we need to ask ourselves if the old values are still the same. Good CRM software can out-perform human employees, because is never makes mistakes and it never misses a day at work. It is more efficient and it has transferable skills. It can present any data you need for marketing and you never need to worry about it leaving your company and taking all your secrets to your competitors.

Using a single customer view that can produce any amount of data relating to the account, and being able to use that data as part of a wider marketing campaign is something that only the best CRM software performs.

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