7 Things You Never Knew About Shopping Online

shoppingOnline shopping has slowly become the most convenient way to shop and therefore more and more people are switching to this shopping mode. It has been known to be cheaper and faster as compared to regular shopping. These two factors mostly compel people to shop online. As the amount of online shoppers increase, more and more online shops are opening up and therefore you will be able to buy just about anything that you want online. However, some obvious things are just on the surface that are designed to make you shop more but you never see them. This article will describe a few of these features.

1. Very Little Information Is Required

If you have ever shopped online, you will agree that very little information was asked of you before you completed the process. The reason for this is that the online stores know that most people do not like spending ten minutes verifying who they are hence they have set up very simple verification methods. This way, you can spend all the time you want shopping but the final part will be very easy.

2. Online Shopping Has Many Payment Methods

Just because you use PayPal does not mean that everyone else uses the same payment method. The best online stores have several payment options to make sure that they are able to meet the needs of various users, hence making more sales.

3. Most Online Stores Sell Through Social Media Accounts As Well

This is another thing that you most likely had no idea about. Social media is a very big market and hence the most aggressive online stores have integrated with the sites to be able to make sales to people on the site. The fact that you don’t have to log in to the online store to make a purchase makes shopping easy and convenient. Next time you are on Facebook, check out if you can shop and you will be amazed.

4. Online Stores Get Your Attention via Email

Once you have shopped at a particular site once, you will be prompted to leave your email address behind and it is this address that that the store will use to send advertisements for new products and services your way. What you don’t know is that once you see the email, you are stimulated to shop that was the aim of the email in the first place.

5. Regular Shopping Costs Are Meant To Keep You Shopping

As you shop, you will notice that the online store will keep on updating how much you have spent. This is meant to keep you shopping. The logic is that so long as you see how much you have to pay, you will continue shopping until you get to your limit. Not showing the amount only to be given a very big bill will only make you cancel the shopping and online stores avoid this as much as they can.

6. Color Variation Is Just To Play Mind Games with You

You will notice that as you shop, the color of the items you pick is related to the next items. In some cases, the online store recommends that you buy an item that is related to what you have already bought. This is a psychological game to keep you shopping.

7. Pressing The ‘Buy’ Button More Than Once Is A Mistake

The other thing that you dint know is that it is a mistake to press the buy button more than once. Even when you seem like nothing is happening, the process is being worked on in the background and pressing twice might make you get charged twice. Just press once and wait.

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