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generate more leadsInbound Marketing is all about generating leads and sales without spending penny from your pocket OR you can say growing your business organically, naturally, virally, etc. Inbound Marketing is the process of traditional marketing such as optimizing your website, Blogging, engaging with people, driving traffic, leads and sales through social media and much more that dramatically build your brand online.

Here I am gone show you about six steps of inbound marketing process that will dramatically  increase your traffic, Grow your social media presence and off course what every business want from online marketing “Leads” & “Sales”.

Here are 6 step to Generate more leads & Sales

SETP 1 : Develop a successful online marketing plan

Investing time on developing a marketing plan is the best and easy way to success. You can also say it your first step of your business pyramid where you starts your whole business. Here are few reasons why your business need online marketing plan to success.

  • It helps your business to find your goals
  • Let you know your business objectives.
  • Let you know what are the marketing challenges you can face in next few month of your business?
  • Who is your customers and how you can encourage them to your business services or products.
  • Who are your potential buyers?
  • Investment matters for your marketing and how much you are going to invest for your whole inbound marketing plan.
  • What will be ROI of your investment?

SETP 2 : Create and Maintain powerful website.

Your Business website plays a very important role of your Inbound Marketing plan, for that you must have a very powerful website that is maintained regularly that meets every inbound marketing aspects required for your business. An effective and powerful website is the hub of your online marketing that will generate leads for your business. Here is quick overview of Inbound Marketing aspects that every website must have for their online marketing success.

  • Easy to Navigate
  • Professional look
  • Social Media Integrated
  • Search Engine crawler friendly
  • Mobile ready
  • Easy to Update
  • Landing Pages

STEP 3:  Generate more traffic for your business.

By driving more quality traffic to your website, you can generate more leads from your visitors. Inbound Marketing is made to be drive traffic to your website, but what are the secret Inbound Marketing tactics that every marketing need to know. Here are few Inbound Marketing techniques that you can used to drive high quality traffic to your website, increase online presence, build your brand and generate leads and sales.

Blogging: Blogs are very powerful ways to market your business online. Research indicates that the business who blogs generate 75% of more traffic to their website as generally they generate. Building a professional blog using high quality content can generate more visitors than the business who don’t blog. Here is few case studies show that How blogging can leverage your business to next level.

Social Media: Social media is powerful marketing tools used by 1000s of marketer everyday to build relationship with their consumer and clients. It plays a most effective marketing aspect to drive high revenue to business. Try to build a social media following, sharing your business blog post, and keep engaging in social media conversion. Research Indicates that more than two third of internet users in USA using social networks to connect with people. Here are few case studies how social media changed thousands of business, double their traffic and conversion rate.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO is booming in the online marketing industries. SEO is the process that sends natural traffic to your websites that what people is actually looking something that related to your products. Here is how you can drive high quality traffic using search engine.

  • Identify your keywords that actual people type as search query.
  • Optimize your website for those keywords
  • Routinely create keyword targeted content and post in blog or do some guest blogging
  • Build quality and natural links to your site.

Pay Per Click: Search Marketing is the fastest way to drive traffic to your website. But it may be costly, I will suggest you to run a pay-per-click campaign only when your budget meets your business needs, because 75% searchers click on organic result and 25% of search clicks goes to PPC. That means it has a very low chance to get tremendous amount of traffic to your business website as you might have plan. Here is great presentation by Rand fishkin explains why to earn traffic? Not to buy traffic.

View more presentations from Rand Fishkin

STEP 4: Convert traffic to Leads

Create Attractive CTA buttons, offers that engage the potential buyers at any point of view. CTA plays a very important role in encouraging visitors to leads. Here is the process that you can use to convert your website visitor to leads.

  • Build landing pages that describe an offer what you are offering with a form to capture lead information.
  • Upon completing the from the user will gain access to your offer or services you are offering in thank you page.
  • Thank you page must also contain CTA buttons, because this can give you a chance to re-convert your visitor

STEP 5: Convert Lead into sale.

Now you have your leads on your CRM and now we need to convert those leads in to sale, which will bring our actual effort for our business or you can say ROI of your business. Here are the best steps you can use to convert your leads to sales as per Inbound Marketing process.

  • Know which pages your lead views and when they return back to your site. Lead scores are generated for all contacts, so you know whom to contact at very first.
  • Segment your list of leads on the basis of type of conversion. In this way, you can easily identify which leads to contact for what?
  • You can run an email marketing to further conversion & increase chance to become sales.
  • For better improvement in sales process, I will suggest you to integrate Customer Relationship Management software, there are thousands of CRM software available in the market. But I have the best suggestion for you to implement Hubspot software to your Inbound Marketing campaign; it automates all your inbound marketing process from one dashboard. No hassle of using different software for different inbound marketing task.

STEP 6: Analyze and Test (Measure Everything)

Now, it’s time get the results of everything what you have done for Inbound Marketing. Analyzing and Testing various inbound marketing elements will help your business to find out which elements had work better and how you can improve them to carry out in your marketing plan. Here are four important metrics you must measure.

  • Traffic to Leads
  • Cost Per Leads
  • Leads to Customer
  • Cost Per Customer

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