4 Truths that You Barely Knew About Rock Star Java Developers

java-developerHave you ever found yourself wondering that only if you could bag those senior level rock star developers, the face of your Java Web Development project would have been something else? If you are from the league that believes the higher the better, then this post is definitely going to be an eye-opener for you. Having senior level developers is not just about getting the project completed in half the time or getting better features integrated in your application- it means something more and something very different. Here are 4 shocker truths that we tend to ignore, especially in case of rock star developers:

Truth #1: Not All Senior Developers are Within Your Reach: Yes! It’s a matter of fact statement. It is not necessary that you can afford all senior developers. Most managers in enterprise level organizations presume that they have a good knowledge of the software developer market. It is a general wave of thought that they can hire java developers of senior level to work for them at prices lower than the market value. It is, however, untrue. If you try and compromise on the price factor, you are likely to get less of developers and more of liars. It is better to organize and manage a team that has a mixed bag of senior and junior developers. It will solve the cost constraint as well.

Truth # 2: Too Many Seniors Spoil the Code: An all senior developers team will definitely end up cooking a code that won’t taste that good. If bunch senior developers are working alongside, possibilities are high that a simple Java web development project is likely to convert into a complex once-in-a-lifetime web application. The reason is simple. You have the best brains working together, how you can expect them not to indulge in some serious discussions- serious discussions with serious open ended results. After all, they have to prove their fellow mates- what makes them a senior developer. So forget the code and get ready for some long lasting web conferences and meetings.

Truth # 3: Arrogance Never Leaves the Space: Arrogance and overconfidence are the common traits of the developer fraternity and if you thought with experience these traits are replaced by maturity, you are probably wrong. They won’t check the codes or rewrite them because they have done that several times before and know it would work! Sadly, methodologies demand proof while arrogance says proofs are for non-informers.

Truth # 4: Senior Developers are not always truly senior: If you come across a know-it-all person who says he is a senior developer, chances are high that he is not likely one. It has been seen in several cases on record; people judge their position by their pay and not their skills. This means a person who is getting paid the highest organizational salary will be a senior developer irrespective of whether he even knows how to write a simple SQL code or not.

The next time you begin with a java web development project, think twice as you Hire Java Developers of senior level. Remember, striking balance is the trick for a successful project.

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