4 Best CRM software available online

4 Best CRM software available onlineI was wondering about the best online crm software which is read hot and available. But there were several available and some of the big guns where Zoho and Sales Force. I hunted down some which were promising and making the best of it. I found Kayako and Dquip’s CRM. I have used all the demo version of this software’s and guess what all of them were promising.

Zoho CRM:

It was literally flawless by design why design actually everything. The design and smoothness was cool. But I don’t know something was missing when I compared to some of the other available CRM. I was unable to find scheduling module in it. Isn’t that weird? How sales team will know that they have to call, schedule a meeting, if the computer is not accessible. I guess the only feature was missing, or I might have missed it. I never did the reading part only this stuff i couldn’t find in Zoho CRM. And ZOHO, please share videos so that the customer would love to see some. Give it a thought and start uploading and stop asking for sign now and then. That’s a little bit annoying.

Sales Force:
The best online software in the earth available and the costless I guess. Can some please update how many of the big guns are using sales force software? They have the potential to reach and rule the online market, and they will also make sure that they are getting the best of it. Sales Force has all the features, but everyone can’t afford Sales Force. Only the price is high rest is cool and mainly for big guns. I say you can try at your own risk.


Kayako is designed for 1 thing and i.e SUPPORT What will i do with only support module? If I want have 10000 leads what will I do with support module. But Kayako can be appreciated for the wonderful support module. I guess the support module generated by them is simply cool as one of my favorite company Directi. They have started using the support module which is cool because I have personally used that it and I had the best experience.


I have personally used this CRM software for 2 years and I would literally say they have all the features that a company needs. They have literally customized software and being well used by sales representative and customer tech support team that they have successfully implemented for different level of companies. You can give it a thought because it is only CRM software which is customizable, and all the above are not. It the Software is Customizable the price will be obviously high. You can give it a thought and the best available in the market.

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