10 Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Logo used from the start of the Chrome project...

Logo used from the start of the Chrome project until March 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Within this article you will find ten Google Chrome extensions that are helpful for web developers. Some of them have similar Firefox plugins, and many of them have a parallel Firefox plugin that has a different name (but similar features). Google Chrome shows itself to be a little faster than Firefox. With page scrolling within the display, it is almost imperceptible, but the general feeling is that Google Chrome is slightly faster. There is a common feeling that there are more extensions (plugins) for Firefox than there are for Google Chrome, but this is no doubt thanks to the fact that Firefox has been around longer. Firefox also has a bigger following at the moment, but Google Chrome is really in fashion at the moment, which may lead to it having more users in the future.

Does Chrome have any apps?

There are many great apps for Chrome, such as ChromeReload. It makes it so that your page refreshes automatically after a specified time. This is handy if you want to see how your work looks when you have just added something. It also takes time for your published/uploaded changes to take effect. With this extension all you have to do is wait.

Browser bugs?

It is often said that the plugin Adobe Flash is an impressive source bugs in browsers. But today, it is no longer conceivable to visit the web without a flash plugin, as this format is ubiquitous on the web, and therefore in browsers. It remains up to them to be strong and able to manage bugs (i.e. if one tab crashes, the other should still be available). And this is where you can compare FireFox and Chrome browsers in parallel. Both have roughly the same number of bugs when you start to tease them with flash. Chrome has not fared no better than Firefox at this level.

1 – Speed ‌‌Tracer

Certainly one of the most impressive extensions. It is a benchmark for performance and enables you to see how much time is needed for analysis operations and the execution of JavaScript, layouts, interpretation of CSS and DOM, network, Ajax, etc. All represented graphically and updated live. It is a must to optimize the performance of web applications or sites standards. This completes extensions for Firebug and Developer Tools (already accessible with the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + I).

2 – Google Reader Checker

Displays the number of unread items in Google Reader for your RSS feeds.

3 – Google Calendar

Allowing icon enabled quick access to Google Calendar. You are allowed a direct view of upcoming events and a quick navigation is possible in the calendar. Works with Google Apps for your domain too.

4 – Flash Block

Block Flash animations until clicked (except on authorized sites and configured in the options).

5 – Google Mail Checker More

Displays the number of messages in the toolbar and has a mini Quick Access window for previewing messages, deleting them and writing them. Works with Google Apps for your domain.

6 – Speed ‌‌Dial

Replaces the default page displayed when creating a new tab to choose which sites will be displayed as well as their appearance. The number of connections is configurable and you can add a page directly with Alt + A on any site.

7 – IE Tab

The now classic good extension (already present on Firefox) to open a page in a new tab with the Internet Explorer engine. Only works on Windows.

8 – Chrome SEO

For those who want to optimize their rankings in search engines and see the number of indexed pages this extension is for you. Many improvements are planned for it too, including ones to help you monitor pages.

9 – Firebug Lite

An excerpt from Firebug does not reach the level of those for Firefox. The developer tools are integrated Chrome (browser for that date) much more effective.

10 – RSS Subscription Extension

Adds an icon to the RSS feed Join–detected in the address bar to Google Reader, Google, Bloglines and My Yahoo, but can also work with other web aggregators.

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